Peer support Course

The course is available to all students enrolled in any unit of the University of Zadar, be it at an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level. The prerequisite for the enrolment is the acquaintance with a disabled student who is in need of peer support, and who consents that the student who enrols in the course be his or her student helper (a pair). 

Likewise, it is necessary that the „pair“ be from the same study programme (as well as from the same level of study regarding the enrolled year/semester). The course is entered as a university course, and it is not affiliated to a particular study programme.

Total hours: 15 hours of lectures, 30 hours of practice and workshops preparations, plus 75 hours of direct peer support and 15 hours of supervision throughout the semester. The course is allocated with 5 ECTS credits; the student is considered to have passed the course by acquiring 5 ECTS credits; the student does not receive the grade for his or her work.